Sermons from July 2017

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Eating Scrolls for Breakfast


As the empire puts the crooks and destroyers of Earth in cabinet positions, and the robots in suits steal from the poor to give to the rich, and the maniacs in power can’t seem to find the eight trillion dollars the Pentagon spent on who knows what, but they need more to protect our freedoms…

As the media cheerleads and takes us on frenetic labyrinthine excursions to tell us anything but the truth…

The American people acquiesce.

When Worlds Collapse


If you want to create a god who is a winner, who survives, create a god who is self-obsessed and demands exclusive loyalty and takes no prisoners.

There are, of course, nuances. Many Christians, Jews, and Muslims today would not understand their own faith in such exclusive terms, and thank human reason for that.

The heart and soul of these religions is their exclusivism.

It is an exclusivism that allowed them to survive but also threatens life on Earth.