Children’s Ministries

Southminster Children in December – The Nativity Story
We will start to learn the Nativity Story in the Bible and some of the traditional Christmas Hymns that we sing during this time of year. We will read the story and each of you will choose a part you would like to play in the Nativity Story for the Christmas Eve Family Service. We’ll have costumes and props. Everyone in the church will help be a part of this special Story.

Kindness Kits Update
So far we have assembed 40 Kindnes sKits for the Blanchet House. Thank you to our church family for the donations! We will have more items that have been donated and will keep assembling the kits until we have used up all the donations. It would be great if we reach close to 100!

Covid 19 Protocols and Staying Healthy
At Southminster we want our children to be safe when  they come to church so that they can continue to go to school regularly and stay healthy. We continue to follow state guidelines set for the Oregon Health Authority: wearing masks indoors at all times, staying physically distanced when interacting with others who are not part of our household, and washing hands or using hand sanitizer often.

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