43rd Annual Southminster Women’s Retreat May 3rd, 4th and 5th.
Untold Stories: Shining a Light and Inspiring Action

Southminster’s Women’s Retreat is an annual gathering of our community of women. Your retreat planning committee seeks to create a program to provide mind-body-soul connection and deepen our sense of community at Southminster. Our Women’s Retreat strives to be inclusive and invites all women (cis, trans, femme, and gender-non conforming) to join us!

Download the Registration Form [PDF]

Our Retreat speaker this year is Dr. Tracy Prince, author, historian and Affiliated Professor of American Indian Teacher Program in Curriculum Instruction at Portland State University.

We will kickoff our program time with a presentation from Tracy’s most recent book, Notable Women of Portland, which she co-authored with her teenage daughter, Zadie Schaffer. Their book opens with, “The story of Portland, Oregon, like much of history, is usually told with a focus on men’s stories. This book tells about some of the women who made Portland what it is today. Their stories inspire us, make us want to understand the social norms they were living in, and help to more accurately reframe Portland’s history.”

Tracy will facilitate interactive sessions in which we will share stories from our lives, families, and communities.

Does a voice in your head say, “But I don’t have any good or important stories to share!” Nonsense! We all have big and small moments in our life or lives of family and friends that illustrate who we are in that moment. When told and heard our stories can be pieced together like a quilt reflecting our shared humanity.

Tracy will also share ancestry and research tips focusing on the importance of telling stories about people whose lives may have been considered insignificant by others. What do we risk as a community if these stories remain untold? What do we gain by telling and hearing each other’s stories? What responsibility do we have to reclaim and tell the stories of those society has overlooked? Stories connect and inspire. Where will that inspiration lead you?

Together we will explore actions we may take with family, friends or community after this reflective and fun program.
Who will know your stories tomorrow, if you don’t share them today… or at least at Retreat!!!

Dr. Tracy Prince, Author of Notable Women of Portland

More about Tracy:

Tracy is an Affiliate Research Professor at Portland State University. She is the author of Portland Goose Hollow and Culture Wars in British Literature and co-author of Notable Women of Portland and Portland’s Slabtown.

Tracy writes, “Born in Little Rock, Arkansas after the Civil Rights Act, I have spent my career teaching and writing about race, gender and society equity issues. I uncover forgotten historical moments by digging through archives and interview folks about the good ol’ days. I enjoy making historical research accessible and compelling.” Connect with Tracy on Facebook

Retreat Weekend Includes:

Our Women’s Retreat has met for many years at the Tilikum Retreat Center near Newberg, Oregon. It provides the peace that a spiritually and nature-centered, soul place can offer. It is located only an hour from Beaverton but has the feeling of a country get-a-way. The 90-acre grounds are a combination of woods and farm, lake and fields surrounding a comfortable 50+ bed residence and dining hall, there for our reflection, restoration, and enjoyment.

  • Music and singing with Beverly Shuck
  • Chair Massages from Body Bunch…ahhh!!…relax your back
  • Many other organized activities, all of which are optional. kick off is YOUR weekend!
  • 2 nights at Tilikum Retreat Center in Newberg, Oregon
  • Tilikum “home-cooked meals”, beginning with the Friday dinner and including Sunday breakfast
  • Most rooms are 3-person with “in-suite” bath/shower
  • Multiple outdoor and indoor spaces inviting you to read, journal, meditate, visit, or simply gaze at the beautiful surroundings
  • Use of Tilikum’s woods, trails for walking/hiking.
  • Access to canoes on Tilikum Lake
  • A ride on the legendary “Big Swing” in Tilikum’s Challenge Course
  • Coffee, tea, and hot chocolate available 24 hours/day
  • Access to retreat center Hot Tub

We hope you will join us for this fun and inspiring weekend!


Retreat Price and Payment Options

The full retreat cost for 2 nights, 5 meals, and a great facilitated program is $175. The same price as last year!!

Download the Early Registration Form [PDF]

Scholarship Requests

It is the intent to make the Women’s Retreat available to the Southminster women who would like to attend. If you would like to request a full or partial scholarship in order to defray your costs to attend Women’s Retreat, please talk to Sue Kozak or Karen Wittenburg. All requests are handled confidentially.

Retreat Donations – Continue the Legacy

Women’s Retreat is a self-funded event. We do not have a line item on the church operating budget to pay for the retreat costs or scholarships. Instead, we pay for the retreat through registration fees collected, donations to the retreat, and funds from our perpetual investment fund, affectionately known as the Women’s Retreat FUNd. The FUNd was created in 1997 by Southminster women donating $22,000. That investment has offset costs for many women’s retreats!

You can continue the tradition of supporting the Women’s Retreat by donating to either or both of these:

  • The 2019 Program Costs, which would be used to defray speaker costs or scholarships requested for the current retreat
  • The Women’s Retreat FUNd, which is then invested and used for future retreats

Both of these types of donations are tax-deductible. It’s easiest if they are separate checks from the registration checks.