Sermons from April 2017

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Let Love Rise (Easter 2017)


The story of resurrection is not about Jesus alone. The story of resurrection is for those who would follow this criminal—and that is how Rome saw him, a criminal worthy of nothing more than humiliation and elimination. The story of resurrection is trusting that he told and lived a truth worth living. The story of resurrection is the story of Love rising and rolling away stones that entomb our spirit, our souls, and our bodies.

The March Isn’t Over Until Justice Is Done


Or will we listen? Will we begin the work of learning about the history and the reality of racism and will we find the courage to see our own complicity in it? Will we join in the struggle, in the march, in the Palm Sunday parade and commit ourselves to dismantling it? That is where it is personal. White people can’t help but be racist. We can decide what to do about it.