Sermons from February 2017

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Leaving Home


I no longer think the promised land has a longitude or a latitude. I no longer think the promised land is a heavenly castle or a Marxist utopia.

The land, I think, is within. The promised land, the home is living in this present moment with the world as it is. The home is the road.

Do You Really Want To Know?


Beliefs create for us a world, a home. They aren’t bad. They serve a purpose. But when they no longer serve a purpose, when they no longer are life-giving they need to be let go. The task of religion is to enable us to do that.

Choose Life–Right Now!


This is the choice that is being offered to us. We can choose to follow the fear mongers and hatred sowers as they blindly build walls and fortresses to keep us safe from imaginary dangers, or we can say no, now more than ever we must continue to be seen as a beacon of hope to the world.