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Genuine Light


The light that comes into the world…
the Genuine Light that enlightens everyone
will most certainly make us vulnerable.
But it won’t kill us.
It gives us life.

Two Visions for Peace


Jesus was executed by empire and that is the fate for anyone who speaks out against empire’s abuses. But that is why we are here. The church is no social club for the suburban well-to-do. This is the place to face truth and to do something about it. We do so in the tranquility, in the trusting peace that empire’s worst is not the last word.

Whose Birthday?


Rev. Dick Thurston is the guest preacher. Music for today’s service: Jeffrey Chapman on flute. Kelly Talim on violin accompanied by Kai Talim on piano.

Mother of God


In the midst of death and darkness, in the time of Herods and Caesars, and their modern day greedy and destructive counterparts, Mary is our heroine because she says Yes to life.