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Candles of Joy Despite all the Sadness


“Candles of Joy Despite all the Sadness” Matthew 6: 25-33; Philippians 4:6-7 By Rev. Don Ludwig, November 29, 2020 All Is Not For the Best Do you remember reading the satirical book Candide by Voltaire? I doubt when I first read it back in high school that I knew it was satire. The refrain that […]

Living by Faith


“Living by Faith” Matthew 13:31-33; 17:20-21 and Excerpts from Malcolm Gladwell “Tipping Point” November 22, 2020 – by Rev. Don Ludwig Introduction I have been saying this for months. We are at a crossroad in society – perhaps this is our tipping point. Many are living in fear of death or illness for self or […]

Blessings and Woes


“Blessings and Woes” Luke 6:17-26; excerpt from Theologian Gustavo Gutierrez By Rev. Don Ludwig, November 15, 2020 I am Blessed? I see him most days because he works at the Plaid Panty where I get my gas and morning caffeine.  He is an elderly man with a ready smile and a strong voice.  How are […]

Think Global, Act Local: We n’ de ya ho


“Think Global, Act Local: We n’ de ya ho” By Rev. Don Ludwig, October 25, 2020 Psalm 1, A Book of Psalms (1991) and Black Elk Speaks, by Black Elk We n’ de ya ho We n’ de ya ho.  We n’ de ya ho is a Cherokee statement of faith and greeting.  Literally translated […]