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Peace is the message.
The Prince of Peace is about to be born.

The one who will announce peace through justice,
who will calm the seas,
heal the sick,
cure the blind,
eat with outcasts,
forgive the unforgivable,
love the unlovable,
weep with the grieving,
laugh at the devil,
and point a finger to God,

..that one is about to be born.

The one, who would make us,
if we would care to follow in his path,
also to be makers of peace with justice.
The one who would remind us that we are all sisters and brothers
and it is in all of our interests to put away squabbles and unite.

That one has been born,
and by the way he has been born in an animal’s feeding trough.

No pretentions, that one.

Genuine Light


The light that comes into the world…
the Genuine Light that enlightens everyone
will most certainly make us vulnerable.
But it won’t kill us.
It gives us life.

Mary: A Bridge Between Faiths


December 16, 2018 Our guest was Sheikh Ramadhan Mufakkir Abdullah. He preached about the status of Mary in the Quran. Sheikh Ramadhan Abdullah was born and raised in the US territory of St Thomas in the Virgin islands. His immediate and extended family live in the US Virgin Islands, in Puerto Rico and in the […]

Braving the Wilderness


The Christmas spirit is waking people up to the madness of war and acquisition and to the liars who promote it. The Christmas spirit is finding its voice in Christians, Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Atheists and the None of the Above as they are willing to take an honest look at where we are and what we value and what we want to leave for our future generations.

Already and Not Yet


The music of Advent invites us to dance. This dance awakens us. It makes us alert and moves us toward prayer. The music invites to name and give thanks to our experience of what has already happened, that the birth of Jesus symbolizes. The Advent music moves our steps so that we don’t stall from discouragement but move and dream of what is yet to be.