How Will I Respond to the Waitperson?

Dear “Virtual” Southminster Members,

What a week! I am wiped as I suspect you are too. As we continue to wait for election results, I am reminded of the words of Maya Angelou: “No matter what happens, or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

I hope to see you on Sunday, Nov. 8 as we continue our Stewardship 2021 “All In!” Campaign. Michel Mouzong will share a testimony and Wayne Potter will be giving a sermon entitled: “How Will I Respond to the Waitperson?” as we focus on our stewardship of the environment. You don’t want to miss this! This week, I want to use the bulk of this space for an update from the PNC committee: 

PNC Chronicles Vol. 3 (11/2/2020)

Thanks to some excellent cooperation and coordination, we have met our first major milestone: Our Mission Information Form (fondly known as the MIF) is done and approved. The MIF is a detailed job posting that describes our church and the qualities we are looking for in a pastor. The approval involved the PNC getting all the T’s crossed and I’s dotted, then the session giving its approval at a specially called meeting, and finally the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery signing off. Now the form goes into the PCUSA system so pastors looking for positions can find us. We are also working on putting a version of the MIF on our website, so you can see it too.

Some important details to note from the session meeting:
The session has set 4/1/2021 as the target date for having a new pastor on board. There are many variables involved, of course, but that gives us all a date to plan around. Don Ludwig has agreed to continue in his current role until that date. We are highly appreciative of Don for his leadership and flexibility.

Now we begin reviewing the resumes (PIFs) of candidates who submit them. This will be a lot of work, but hopefully highly rewarding. We will also be doing some advertising, as well as outreach to other denominations; we want to be sure that everyone who might be a good fit for Southminster is aware of us. Word of mouth is an important aspect of the search; if you know a progressive pastor, please make sure they know we are looking.

If you don’t hear much from us over the next few months, it’s because we can’t share info about who we are talking to. But please don’t stop praying for us.

On behalf of the PNC,
Dan Rasmussen