Worship Schedule

Worship Schedule (Subject to Spirit’s Adjustment)

January 29 Churchy Words–  “The Only Way”  How do we understand these texts that have been interpreted as “exclusive” in a way that both honors the text and moves us toward justice and inclusion?  Also, texts from Deuteronomy (Bible Cover to Cover).  Special music by the choir. “Requiem”  — Eliza Gilkyso


February 5  John Aney, son of Warren and Joyce Aney and his family have moved to the Portland area. John is seeking a call in the United Church of Christ.  He leads us in worship when John is on study leave. Texts from Joshua (Bible Cover to Cover) and music from the choir, “Precious Lord Take My Hand”, Jack Schrader/Thomas Dorsey


February 12 Evolution or Science Sunday —  We celebrate the General Assembly’s decision to embrace the Clergy Letter Project www.theclergyletterproject.org and explore Marcus Borg’s chapter “Beyond Literalism” in Speaking Christian: Why Christian Words Have Lost Their Meaning and How They Can Be Restored. Texts from Judges (Bible Cover to Cover) and music from the choir, “23rd Psalm”, Bobby McFerrin


February 19 Churchy words – “Heaven” – We explore the various ways humans have discussed the mystery of heaven and afterlife and how this richness can be a resource for our own contemplation. Texts from 1 & 2 Samuel (Bible Cover to Cover) and music from the handbell choir.


February 26 Marci Rau is going to lead worship. It is Transfiguration Sunday and Marci will be the celebrant for communion. Texts are 1 & 2 Kings (Bible Cover to Cover) and music by the choir, “Lord, Listen to Your Children” Jack Schrader.