Water 2 Wine Annual Christmas Bash

Our next meeting of Water 2 Wine is scheduled for Sunday, December 11th at 2:00 p.m. at the home of Michael Hawkins and David Pierce. It’s been an interesting year so come spend some time with a great group of people. This month we are having a party without any pretense of learning anything about wine. For the holiday party, we will be using the surplus wine that we have left over from the course of the year, so there will be no charge for this month’s event. Please bring a dish to share and have a great time! We will have a donation basket out as we use to extra money to buy shoes for the Christmas baskets.

While we may learn a little more about wine, we think that the best part of the group is meeting fellow Southminsters in a relaxed social setting. Please RSVP to water2wine_smp@yahoo.com to ensure that we have enough wine.