Children’s News


Thank you to the folks who came out to join the Children’s Committee! It was a very lovely turnout!

Children’s Choir will resume on November 6th, we will work on some songs to be performed on December 18th at the Children’s Time. We are currently looking to find a choir director for this group. With all of the new changes and things happening in the Children’s Ministries, I was feeling a little overwhelmed taking on the choir again. I’d like to do fewer things, much better… instead of trying to do everything equally weak.

John has an idea for Christmas Eve, it involves getting together for about 3-4 hours in November, and taking a bunch of short videos and still pics of the kids around the town…in various simple costumes, reading simple lines. Once the footage is captured, John has a format that strings all of the short spots together, and Christmas Eve will be when the final video is viewed. I’m trying to get a handle on if this will work for your schedules!  Are there any Sundays in November when you can spend 3-4 hours afterwards helping make this happen?

I need some help this Sunday with the school aged group. Danielle and Nancy Pulone have been a god-send, subbing in the absence of a Lead Teacher yet to be found. And Chris Mouzong is looking forward to helping out soon as well. Thank you so much folks. This weekend, I am short a sub! We are working on Social Justice issues, and we are focusing on Gandhi this Sunday.


Sunday Worship in person and on Zoom!

We are meeting in person and on Zoom every Sunday at 10 AM.

Meeting ID: 973 7845 1059
Passcode: 516585

Traffic Announcements

OR-217 southbound Denney Road ramps will be closing for five months, starting Apr. 30

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