Pastor John

Dear Friends,

A couple of things to put on the burner for this month.

Front Porch Rockers.   That may not be the name of the new program under the oversight of the Deacons, but it is the spirit.  We have people in our congregation who could use a visit on occasion.  It might be hard to get out and they could use the company. This is an opportunity to bring our church community to them.  We need to have some of you willing to sit on the front porch with these folks and be present, listening to stories, telling stories, etc.   Mark your calendars for Tuesdays July 26 and August 2 for a course on how to be a Front Porch Rocker.   How to visit, how to listen, that sort of thing.  No obligation.   7:00-8:30pm in the Petersen Gallery.

If you can’t make it to the class, but would still be interested, let me know.

Also, we are investigating Family Promise as a possibility for our congregation.   In March when we had a discussion with Rev. Chuck Currie, Annie Heart of Family Promise talked with us about this program to provide a temporary space for up to three families that are temporarily houseless in our church building.

Please contact Janet Cruz, Kathy Ayers, Craig Butler, Mary Gehr, Steve Tidrick, or Sue Kozak for more information and peruse the website above to find out about this exciting program.   If we choose to do it, we will need many volunteers.

Finally, welcome Brittany McHaffie!  Brittany is our new administrative assistant and will begin August 1.  Brittany has good experience preparing for this job.  She wrote this on her application:

“I am very organized, very friendly and very professional. Considering that the administrative assistant is usually the first person to be encountered when entering any establishment, I know how to make a great first impression and I know how to keep people happy and wanting to come back. I am a very easygoing person and am not easily stressed out. I love keeping busy.

I’m also very tech savvy, can type 70 wpm and am a very hard worker. I’m also a self-starter and I love to learn. I know I would be a great fit.”

We think she will be a great fit as well.   Please give her a warm welcome when you stop by the church office.

Blessed Be,