Pastor John

Dear Friends,

I have asked our committees and boards to schedule meetings on other nights than Tuesday nights. That seems to be a good evening for programming. Jim Petersen and I just did a series on loss and grief which was well-attended, 20-25 on a consistent basis.

We are going to use Tuesday nights for interesting things. When we get our projector installed in the sanctuary we will be able to use the tech to show movies, invite speakers, do classes, you name it.  Plus we have Room 7 wired for internet and can do classes there.  I am excited about having our Tuesday nights be great programming nights.  In fact, once we get cooking, we may have a variety things going on so people will be saying, “I need to clone myself so I can attend all of these amazing things happening at Southminster!”

Yep, that’s the goal, cloning.

Here is what is coming up.

On May 31, June 7, and June 14 (all Tuesday nights) from 7:00pm-8:30pm sharp, I am leading a class on Presbyterian and Progressive. This will be an introduction to the history, governance, and troublemaking of Presbyterians and an exploration of what Progressive means. What does Progressive mean, anyway? This three-session course will have you speaking Presbyterianese and saying, “Progressive, hmmm, not sure about the label, but that’s probably us.”

This is a course for those who are interested in joining the church or who are curious about Southminster.  (We will welcome new members on June 12).   It is also a great class for folks who have been here for a while to brush up on your Reformed Theology and to offer your insights to those relatively new what Southminster means to you.

I am working out other ideas along with the Adult Education Committee about courses and events for Tuesdays with Southminster.   Hey, did I just name it, there?   Tuesdays with Southminster.  What it lacks in creativity it gains in clarity.

Our first Tuesdays with Southminster is ‘Presbyterian and Progressive.’

Hope to see you!

Blessed Be,