Lost: Damask Table Clothes

LOST! DAMASK TABLE CLOTHES                                                                                                                            PLEASE RETURN TO THE CHURCH OFFICE


Dear Southminster Friends,
Once upon a time, we had 12 round damask table clothes and several rectangular ones. They hung in that odd little closet in the sanctuary.  We noticed we were down to three round ones when we prepared for the evening with the Islamic Center a few weeks ago. Is it possible that folks have taken them home to launder them and that they (the table clothes) got lost in the ironing basket? (yes, ironing!) Maybe some met an untimely end at one of our famous potlucks? These were purchased by the Surroundings Committee some time ago and we’d like to retrieve as many as we can.

Thanks in advance for combing through the recesses of your laundry rooms. Remember, no questions asked.

Your Worship Committee