Grubby Sunday Work Party

The Grubby Sunday Work Party on May 15 was a success.  With 26 volunteers working Saturday, Sunday (and cleanup on Monday), bark dust was spread around the grounds outside, and many rooms and items inside the building were cleaned, dusted, polished and vacuumed.

Many thanks to the Grubby Sunday Volunteers:
John Shuck, Don Layman, Ann Layman, Mike Yeakey, Judy Yeakey, Debbie Wilkins, Scott Wilkins, Frank Angelo, Audrey Scheidler, Rick Collins, Jean Collins, Randy Ray, Ken Stuhmer, Kari Stuhmer, Gary Martenson, Wally Carey, Sandy Ruff, Michael Hawkins, David Pierce, Damon Apostalon, Doug Eddy, Lou Balmer, Darlene Balmer, Rebecca Walp, Val Schulze, Matt Schulze.