Sunday Starter – Israel/Palestinian Conflict

The Middle East has been an area where they have been fighting against each other for thousands of years (or have they?).  Some of the greatest minds in the world have unsuccessfully to find a path to peace so it’s time for Southminster to step forward and show the way.  Seriously, this is a subject that will be an area of intense debate at the upcoming General Assembly.  If you think that you know the history or are confident that you don’t, you will learn more about facts in the Middle East.  This topic is so important than we decided to dedicate 7 weeks to the subject, the longest in Sunday Starter history.  We hope that you will join us.   We meet at 9:00am in Room 7.  Here is the schedule:

  • April 3 – An Introduction to the Israel/Palestinian conflict
  • April 10 – Guest Speaker:  Ned Rosch – Jewish Voice for Peace
  • April 17 – A history of the region from World War I to the present
  • April 24 – The Israel perspective as presented by Gabby Spenger
  • May 1 – Women’s Retreat – no class
  • May 8 – Sticking Points to Peace – Part I – the 2 state solution, West Bank Settlements; Security
  • May 15 – Sticking Points to Peace – Part II – The right of return and Jerusalem and other holy sites
  • May 22 – Discussion of Overtures that will be discussed at the Portland General Assembly



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