Progressive Spirit

I have been producing a weekly half-hour radio program and podcast for over four years.  Nearly 190 episodes.   I am now putting it in a higher gear.   First a name change.   The show is now called

Progressive Spirit.

Here is what it is about:

Progressive Spirit is a half hour program that explores the intersection of spirituality and social justice. Listen to interviews with top scholars, authors, social justice activists, and spiritual leaders from Portland and around the world.  Politics, sex, science, spirituality, justice and peace.

The old name, Religion For Life, had some marketing challenges.   Many people wouldn’t listen to my show because of the name or if they listened it was often in spite of the name.   When they did listen, they would say things like, “Your show is good.  It isn’t anything like the name!”
As much as I tried to make folks see it was not a program to promote religion or a specific religion but was an educational program about religion, well, meh. The new name, Progressive Spirit, reflects the progressiveness and the spirit of the show.  It is about spirituality and social justice.   I am thrilled and grateful to KBOO 90.7 in Portland for allowing me to produce the show and to give it some air time.                                                                     On a TBA basis, you will be able to hear Progressive Spirit on KBOO during the morning affairs programming between 10 and noon, Monday through Friday.
Progressive Spirit is heard weekly on WETS 89.5 Johnson City, Tennessee, WEHC 90.7, Emory, Virginia, and WPVM 103.7 Asheville, North Carolina.    It is a fully produced 27 minute program free to stations.
You can also catch it on podcast via your favorite podcast app.  Please let me know how you listen to podcasts and I will make sure you can get Progressive Spirit on it! Podcasts are uploaded every Sunday morning at 11 Pacific Time and remain on the website indefinitely.   You can catch up on all the previous episodes!
And join me as we look ahead.  I have some great guests coming up including Ned Rosch, founder of the Portland chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, Jim Wallis, author of America’s Original Sin, John Caputo, author of The Folly of God, Jay Weller, author of When God Isn’t Green, and Dan Barker, author of God:  The Most Unpleasant Character in All Fiction.
If you have ideas for guests contact me at my new e-mail.
You can expect Progressive Spirit to be even more edgy, more socially-justice focused, and to have a wider variety of guests as now I am in Portland at one of the most progressive radio stations on the planet.

Check out KBOO’s website!