Book Readers’ Discussion Group

Monday, March 14 – 7:00pm, Room 9
We will discuss the book The Moor’s Account  by Laila Lalami, a finalist for many book awards, which tells the story of a Moroccan slave explorer.  The author has lived in Oregon and is speaking in Portland February 15 and 16.  Some of our readers will be attending one of those talks, which will add to the discussion at our March meeting.  One critic writes:

“As this dramatic chronicle unfolds, we come to understand that, contrary to popular belief, black men played a significant part in New World exploration, and that Native American men and women were not merely silent witnesses to it. In Laila Lalami’s deft hands, Estebanico’s memoir illuminates the ways in which stories can transmigrate into history.”

Please join us for what is always a stimulating session.  All are welcome, whether or not you’ve read the book.