Religion for Life

I have begun a new series on Religion For Life called “Meet Your Muslim Neighbor.”

The goal of this series of interviews is to become educated about Islam and to get to know the Muslim next door. This series will include interviews with Local Muslim leaders in the Portland area. They will discuss their communities, their beliefs and practices as well as reflect on national and international issues and the rise of Islamophobia. I will be speaking with the general editor of the New Study Quran published by Harper One. I will also speak with an expert who writes monographs for the US Army War College about countering Al Qaida and the Islamic State Organization. You will find more information about this series of programs and guests at

Shows will include interviews with …

  • Ali Hodrodge — Islamic Center of Portland
  • Harris Zaafar — Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
  • Shahriar Ahmed – Bilal Masjid
  • Paul Kalmonick – US Army War College
  • Joseph Lombard –Editor of The Study Qur’an: A New Translation and Commentary

Other interviews include:

  • Dan Barker, Life Driven Purpose
  • John Caputo, The Folly of God
  • John Philip Newell, The Rebirthing of God
  • Jim Wallis, America’s Original Sin

You can listen to Religion For Life on your phone or other device by subscribing through any podcast app or you can listen on your computer at