New Hymnal Dedications

A big thank you to all who bought hymnals. If you would like to purchase one for the church in honor of or in memory of someone, check in at the church office for a form.

New Hymnal Dedications

Jody Everts

Julie Hoffmaster – In memory of Lester & Janet Hildenbrand; and In memory of Ellie Mae (almost loving & loyal companion)

Aleta Parker – In memory of Arne & Vi Sunde

Mike & Judy Yeakey  In memory of Evelyn Yoder; and In memory of Jon Yeakey II

Steve & Judy Tidrick – In memory of Andy & Marge Tidrick

Diane Bender

Janet Cruz

Marie Mann – In memory of Robert L. Mann

Rebecca Walker

Louise Hankenson – In honor of Gertrude Ginny Vandnaie

Lorraine Prince – In memory of Dave & Pat Pearson

Kay Gifford – In memory of Kay’s mother, Katie O’Brien Langton

Lou Payne – In memory of Betsy & Ernest Payne

Craig & Karen Butler – In memory of JoAnne Henderson, Karen’s mom who was a life-long lover of music

June Carlson & Andy Gordon – In honor of Marvin & Dorothy Carlson; In memory of Marj Gordon

Kirstin Fredrickson – In memory of Pam Still

Kirsti Hegg & Curt Dawn – In memory of Gavin Whitrock

Kathie, Scott & Karen Huddleston – In honor of Celebrating Creativity at Southminster

Carolyn Gregory – In memory of Hugo Gregory

Alice Phillips Check – In memory of W. Hewitt Phillips who loved music

Rod & Merry Lloyd – In honor of the Southminster Handbell Team

Barbara & George Walker – In memory of Bob & Jane Walker; and In memory of Jim & Ruth Donaldson

Pieter Rol & Greta Rol – In memory of Pieter Rol, Jr.

Marylou Belknap-Jones – In memory of Barbara Green; and In memory of Elvin Green

Rick & Jean Collins – In memory of Garnet Lemon; In memory of Sue McCarthy-Jones

Brent & Jennie Jacobs

Wally Carey & Sandy Ruff – In honor of Wally& Sandy’s marriage – May 15, 2010; In memory of Max Ruff; In memory of Gail Carey

Sandy Ruff – In memory of Dale Ruff

Frank & Suzanne Angelo – In memory of Lew Seward

Dorothy Davidson – In memory of Clayton Davidson

Nancy Millar – In memory of Frank & Dorothy Howell

Bea Luchsinger – In memory of Dave Luchsinger

Mary & Don Prescott – In honor of Bruce Hepburn

Aprille Taylor  – In memory of Bryce Adkins who supported the arts

Bill Taylor – In honor of present and past choir members

Ben & Daphne Fisher – In memory of Max & Mary Runyon; In memory of Ken & Winnifred Fisher

Vicki March – In memory of Marion Keefer

Caryl Ladd – In memory of Caryl Ladd – Southminster has been my church home for over 30 years

Beth Deal – In memory of Larry W. Deal and In honor of Women’s Retreat

Roger & MaryEllen Fleck – In honor of Marilyn Adkins

Dick Thurston – In honor of the Chancel Choir

Larry Porter – In memory of Dale Powell

Christine Porter – In memory of Dale Powell

Debbie & Steve Wilkins

Rae Endicott – In memory of Karen Endicott

Peg Tyo – In memory of those gone before me

Jennifer Swinhoe

Mark & Nancy Feichtinger – In honor of our parents and In honor of Mary Winn

Warren & Joyce Aney

Jeanne Reinhardt

Carol Howe

Marie Kurtright – In honor of Joseph Kurtright

Damon Apostalon – In honor of Rebecca J. Walp

Jay & Laura Riverman

Ottis Rechard – In memory of Dorothy Rechard, Church Organist

Sharon & Glenn Johnson – In memory of Bryce Adkins and In memory of Sue McCarthy-Jones

Donna Bekooy – In memory of Stella M. Brislen and In memory of Colleen Marsh

Marilyn Adkins – In memory of Bryce Adkins

Crystal King – In memory of Joseph Palmer Kirkner, Jr.

Sue Kozak – In memory of Edie Windsor & Thea Spyer

Molly Cherry – In memory of “my Foulds” family

Gary Martenson

Joy & Glenn Olson – In memory of Anna D. Kendall

Dick Burnham – In memory of Marjorie Burnham Andreasen

Robin Burnham – In honor of Erica Burnham and In honor of Kyle Burnham

Hank & Ruth Quinnett – In memory of Gene Quinnett; In memory of Marie Quinnett; In memory of Marguerite Shuman; and In memory of Rev. George Shuman

Doug & Pat Eddy – In memory of John & Dorothy Rygh and In memory of Raymond T. Eddy

Char Kepner

Frank & Suzanne Angelo

Audrey Scheidler – In memory of Gerald & Eva Wright (1st Pastor of Southminster); and In memory of Isabel Goodnight

Larry & Nicole Fleming

Judy Thomson – In memory of Howard & Joyce Laughead; and In memory of Paul & Wanda Gaebel

Karen Jensen

Pam & Ron Gross

Candy Doumitt – In honor of Joel, Molly, Georgia, & Meara Doumitt

Carolene Siebert – In honor of Wild Bill & Carolene Siebert

David & Marcia Chapman

Sally Walker

Ann & Don Layman

Carol Davis – In memory of Dr. Clarence G. Davis

Lou & Darlene Balmer – In memory of Bryce Adkins; In memory of Karen Endicott; In memory of Claire Collier; and In memory of Dee (Delores) Collier

Carmel Bentley – In memory of Carlie May Bentley and In memory of Melvin Brooks Bentley

Cindy Patton Bartholomew – In memory of Irene S. Patton

Josh & Jenn Townsley

Mary DeMello

Bert Schmidt – In memory of A. Harold & Elizabeth J. Schmidt; In honor of my family:

Ann G. Schmidt, Andy H. Schmidt, Susan S. Chandler, & M. Jeffrey Schmidt; and In memory of Carol Jean Schmidt

Connie Graven Clark – In memory of Mary & Marvel Graven & Louise & David Clark

Kari Stuhmer

Carol Howe – In memory of Carol’s father, Richard Lasater

Tom & Linda Ingala

Amy Goodwin

Toni Quinn – In memory of Lela Glover, mother of Shirley Quinn

John & Beverly Shuck – In honor of Southminster Presbyterian Church; In memory of Zachary Andrew Shuck; In memory of Olive May Andrews Schuck; and In honor of Katy & Amber Shuck

Chancel Choir

Jeff & Sharon Tefelske

Joanne Wakeland – In memory of John Wakeland