Cuba Mission Update

We have only 6 months before we are off to Cuba!  We have a lot to do, and plan, and fundraise! The steering team met last week and developed a few concrete dates as we work with a travel agent and plan for our group needs.  First, it is very important that everyone do their part with the fundraising efforts — i.e. (see below and the attached Daphne Fisher’s email in regard to Silent Auction procurement).  WE NEED TO PROCURE!  PROCURE! PROCURE!

DEPOSIT DUE — Sunday, February 7:  Dave Chapman will be collecting a second installment of $100 for youth and $250 for adults on Sunday morning, February 7.  If you are unable to come to the church on February 7, please drop deposits in the church office (M-TH 9-4pm) or in the envelope outside of Don’s office.

TENTATIVE CUBA TRAVEL DATES:  We are working with a travel agent and we have requested to depart from Portland on June 23, or 24 or 25 and return back to Portland on July 3 or 4 or 5.  We expect to be in Cuba 9-12 days.  We hope this will help families to make tentative plans and we are hoping to purchase our tickets by mid-March at the latest.  We will keep you informed.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS – CUBA ORIENTATION MEETINGS:  All Cuba participants are required to attend 4 orientation meetings for group building, information gathering, and planning purposes.  These dates will be on Sundays from 5:30pm – 7:30pm and will include a “THEME POTLUCK”:  April 17, May 15, June 5, and June 19.

TALENT SHOW AND DESSERT, Friday, February 5 – 7-8:30pm:  All Cuba participants should come to the church at 6:15pm for set-up.  We are requesting that all mission participants pay the Talent Show admission ($5 for individuals and $15 or families of 4 or more) and consider signing up with Pam Gross or Don with their talent.  Also, everyone needs to bring a dessert to serve 10-12 people.  We will be serving drinks.  YOUTH are also needed to give announcements in church and sell tickets in Petersen Gallery on Jan 24 and 31 — see Don.

SILENT AUCTION — Sunday, April 24:  This is our biggest fundraiser and its success depends on our PROCUREMENT of ITEMS!  A reminder that if we do not raise the needed funds, participants will be asked to pay more.  We are hoping this will not happen!  Let’s get busy folks.  Contact our procurement chairperson, Daphne Fisher or Don if you have any questions.  We are attaching Daphne’s letter of helpful procurement reminders, a Cuba Mission 2016 flyer to give to prospective donors, and an Auction Receipt form for those who donate.

We will have hard copies of this lengthy email in Don’s office.  Feel free to contact any one of us if you have any questions.

Cuba Steering Team
Don Ludwig, Michele Greenwood, Josh Townsley, Marci Rau, Daphne Fisher