Dear Friends,

We have some exciting things happening during Lent!

The Progressive Pastors of Beaverton are a doing a round robin. Each Sunday February 14 through March 14 each of us will preach at a different church. You will get a chance to hear Laurie Larson (Mission of the Atonement), Brett Strobel (Christ United Methodist Church), Mary Sue Evers (Cedar Hills United Church of Christ), and Larry Snow (Murray Hills Christian Church). Here is the schedule of who will be preaching when at Southminster. The theme will be “Got Questions?” We will celebrate and honor the asking of questions.

  • February 14: Brett asks “Why does Job Question?”
  • February 21: John asks “Am I my brother/sister’s keeper?”
  • February 28: Larry Snow asks “God?”
  • March 6: Mary Sue asks “Why Bother with the Bible?”
  • March 13: Laurie asks “Is God Sexist?”

It will be fun with more information to follow through the weekly email. By the way, are you getting the weekly email? If not, email Mary and she will add you to the list. While you’re at it check out our web page!

I am also going to be leading a study during Lent in Room 7 on Tuesday evenings. We are going to be reading Lusting For Infinity: A Spiritual Odyssey by Tom Boyd. You can order the book on Amazon in paperback or Kindle and find a study guide at .

I did an interview with him on Religion For Life and I realized this would be a great study for Lent.

Here is the schedule:

  • February 2 7 – 8:30 Introduction to the author and the study
  • February 16 7 – 8:30 Part One: Orientation
  • February 23 7 – 8:30 Part Two: Exploration
  • March 8 7 – 8:30 Part Three: Formation
  • March 15 7 – 8:30 Part Four: Transformation

All meetings will be held in Room 7. (We skip February 9 and March 1 as the art show committee meets in room 7). Order your paperback or Kindle copy today and plan to join us!

Blessed Be, John