Children’s News – February

Happy February everyone!

We are blessed in many ways here at Southminster.

How about I outline a few of the ways?

  • Kathy Ludwig continues to be amazing with our kiddos, and an absolute asset to our Children’s Program
  • The Bake Sale fundraiser for The Free Wheelchair Mission was a huge success, the children raised about $1400 (as I am typing this), which buys approximately 18 chairs.  Our goal was to buy ONE chair.  For more info visit
  • The Southminstrels have been doing an amazing job singing for the congregation once a month. They will continue to do so.
  • The Battle of The Bible (Round 2) will happen on February 14, Valentine’s Day. All fun, no winners, no losers….just a good ole’ time

Thank you for everything!

What a great start to the New Year (save for the drippy and rainy month of January 😉

Mr. Maldarelli