Sunday Starter

Sundays, 9:00am – Room 7

speaking christianSunday Starter is currently discussing topics from Marcus Borg’s book Speaking Christian:  Why Christian Words have lost their Meaning and Power – And How they can be Restored. 

While the book is the outline of the discussion, it is not required that you have read the book, since almost everybody has knowledge and an opinion on the topics.  Here is our upcoming schedule:

  • November 29 – Chapter 7 – Jesus
  • December 6 – Chapter 17 – The Only Way
  • December 13 – Chapter 22 – The Creeds and the Trinity
  • December 20 – we will have a film and discussion on the inspirational story of the   Christmas Truce in World War I.  If you haven’t heard the story, it is the only time that   people stopped fighting a war to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  As you can imagine,  a spontaneous truce called by the soldiers was not considered a great idea by the Generals of either the side.  It is a great, somewhat forgotten story, to share at this time of the year.
  • December 27 – No Class

Then after the first of the year, we will begin our series of Jesus in the Muslim tradition.  How do they view the life and times of Jesus.  What do we have in common and where do the teachings differ?  Come and find out.