Have You Heard?

Picture6Your hearing device requires regular maintenance and cleaning; most of which you can do yourself. The two most common causes of hearing aid problems are earwax and moisture; moisture such as perspiration, the shower, heavy rain, hot tubs or swimming. You want to avoid corrosion of the battery contacts and metal parts of your costly investment. In addition to ear wax, Ladies, hair spray can clog up the tubing. It’s good practice to clean your hearing devices daily. Use the tools that came with them or obtain them from your hearing aid specialist. Leave the battery door open and keep the aids in an airtight box when you go to bed at night. If you need further information on this subject, please contact me or pick up a copy of the “Facing the Challenge of Hearing Loss” manual found in the lobby. Hear you next month. Vicki March, BronteVG1@gmail.com.