Children’s News

Picture18Welcome to December everyone!  Some things to put on the calendar…

December 20 – The SouthMinstrels will perform during service.  We will stay in the service for much of that day as we are performing with the Chancel Choir as well!

Battle of the Bible will happen in January.

Be on the lookout for the children’s “Free Wheelchair Mission” bake sale, coming up after the holidays.

Thank you for all you do with the Children.  We love volunteers, so don’t be shy!

Mr. Maldarelli


Every Sunday Morning

  • 10:00am    Children’s time in worship
  • 10:15am    Off we go to Sunday School!
  • 10:55am    Children’s Sing Along
  • 11:00am    Dismissal (Mr. Maldarelli has been bringing the little ones back to you to experience the end of worship time!)