Summer Happenings

Dear Friends,

I have a few things to share this month, enumerated thusly:

1) I am very excited to have the radio program up and running. I have recorded a few interviews in Room 144. Thanks to George Walker and Andy Crump, that room, as well as the Sanctuary, and the Petersen Gallery have WiFi. You can connect at Southminguest. The Education Wing including Room 7 is next.

Back to the radio show. I produce a new program each week. Thanks to KBOO 90.7, I can now interview guests and produce shows there. It is not on the air on KBOO, but you can catch it via podcast. A new podcast is posted every Sunday at 11:00am. You can download podcasts in several places, and and on itunes (search “itunes religion for life”). Go to for more information and links. If you have ideas for guests let me know at

2) One of the guests coming up is Nancy Ellen Abrams. She has a new book called, A God That Could Be Real: Spirituality, Science, and the Future of Our Planet. This is the book the Adult Education Team has selected for “Southminster Reads” for the summer. Consider purchasing it or borrowing it from the library. During the end of the summer, we will devote a worship service to ideas introduced in it.

3) In regards to summer worship, you are in command. From June 21 through September 20, it is the Ask the Pastor/Pick the Sermon Summer Series. I will address your questions and your topics in each worship service. Here is how it works. Submit a question or topic to Mary Winn at She will forward those questions/topics on to me anonymously. I won’t know who asked the question or who picked the topic. I will organize the questions and topics and create a worship guide so you will know which question/topic is being addressed when. The sanctuary will be set up with tables so you will “finish the sermon” with a few minutes of conversation around the tables. After the benediction, everyone is invited to grab a cup of coffee and meet back in the sanctuary to have a conversation with me about the sermon, worship service, and discussion. It will be a fun way to get to know each other! You can ask anything or suggest a topic. For example, “I’d like the pastor to preach on the evils of dancing.” I might then preach on dancing, but it might be the joy of dancing. You can even ask personal questions, such as, “Do you believe in God?” Progressive theology, God, Jesus, Bible, prayer, ethics, whatever. Send your questions to Mary. The deadline is June 10.

4) I continue to enjoy meeting you whether for coffee, or my study, or at your home. In addition, I am interested in taking communion and/or visiting those who are homebound. If you would like to join me in that ministry, let me know. Please let me know if you or someone you know would like a pastoral call or a visit. I am here for you.

Blessed Be,