Sermons from October 2016

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Jesus Died for What?


I would hasten to add that as we reflect upon and practice this process of meaning-making, we will discover that we are not simply engaging in first world amusements. Because of Jesus’s particular history, we cannot in good conscience see life disconnected from of the suffering of creation caused in a major part by imperialistic theologies and practices of the first world.

Jesus As Ishta Deva


But I also choose to choose my Jesus not in isolation but in relationship with a community, a community that stretches back in time, across the globe, and intimately with the people I see and know and yet will know. Each of you opens my eyes to another aspect of Jesus for me.

What Is God Like?


I don’t find it interesting to have a bunch of churchy words sitting there in the bulletin that we recite and then have that be unrelated to the good stuff we do. I don’t think that is sustainable. The words we use must be connected to the good we do. If there is a disconnect, the change needs to happen with the words not the good deeds. I think that is why many people are leaving churches. The words don’t match their reality. Many churches, and certainly denominational houses, are not creative nor courageous enough to recognize the disconnect and try new things.