Sermons from June 2016

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Listen, Speak Out, and Stand Together


What an opportunity to begin tonight to listen, really listen to someone whose experience is different than ours. These opportunities, these sacred spaces, are the places in which we will strengthen our communities because we can listen and share from the heart. When we truly listen and share, we can feel nothing but compassion.

I hope we will use this opportunity to talk and to listen. What an opportunity we have tonight to expand our circle: Muslim. Christian. Gay. Straight. White. Black. Police. Citizen. May we hear and be heard. Most importantly, may we stand with one another and speak out for one another.

Practicing Garden Theology


What does it mean to be human? Contemporary TV with its ceaseless advertising, pushes the idea that life’s purpose is to buy stuff, that makes us look and feel good. To consume, to be consumers. But faith tells us that our world is so much bigger than this.

What Goes Around


Don’t ever think for a minute that the God envisioned in the Bible favors any group of people whether that group be of a certain ethnicity or religion or social status. The Biblical vision, both testaments and the Qur’anic vision is not one of a particular people having a divine right to land or to any of Earth’s bounty.

The Biblical vision is that human beings have the privilege of being stewards of justice.