Dare to Speak and Heal

Jesus will tell the truth and heal regardless of what the pack says.
He doesn’t whine about it.
He doesn’t expect any different treatment than the prophets before him.
He simply exposes it.
He tells those with ears to hear, do good and heal anyway.
Your reward is in heaven.
In other words, your reward isn’t in this world—
in this pack-dominated world that is headed for destruction.
Your reward is on the other side,
to which you are being led and you are leading others.

History Has Its Eyes On Us


Friends, if we believe in possibility then change is inevitable and if we believe in change, there is going to be possibility. In the history of this country, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – these are values that we have fought over time and time again – so we shouldn’t settle for anything less. In the midst of all that is out of my control, the one thing I know – is that I am the one thing in my life that I can control, and I am not going to give away my shot with what life can and should be.

The Best of Plotters


We live in a time of illusion. Illusion that is created by the plotters.

Ultimately, that has always been the heroic quest in every spiritual tale. It is a tale of the search for what is real and what is true. Truth is the only thing that will free humanity from its enslavement to illusion.

Illusion is cynicism. It is mockery of those who search for what is true. But the true seeker does not worry over the plotters, the mockers, and the cynics and their surrender to illusion. There is too much at stake for that.

“They plotted and God plotted and God is the best of plotters.”

Seek truth and you will seek what God is plotting.

One Egg Please, Hold the Scorpion


Most of the time, in fact, nearly all the time, those who have taken the red pill and who have in turn offered it to others, are not popular. They usually just make people angry. You know this, right, when you discover something that is real as opposed to the artificial program that covers it. For every one person who awakens and takes the red pill, another fifty are ticked off that you are messing with their world.

Martha, Martha, Martha!


I wonder if that was the kind of thing Jesus was telling Mary as she sat at his feet. I wonder if Martha, amidst her distractions, also heard it. The stuff that Amos said is the same stuff that Jesus said. It is the same stuff that Moses said. It is the same stuff several centuries later, that Mohammad said.

Inequity is unsustainable.
It will not last.