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Sleepers, Awake!


This is the icon of Easter: Jesus is waking up all of humanity, leading us out of the prison of illusion and sleep-walking to wakefulness about what is really happening in our world.

Loving the Hell Out of Us


This is what I do. I am not some slick marketer who can come in and tell you how to get young people in the church, or sing and dance to soft hits of the 80s. I find most of that stuff to be a bunch of bull. I can however tell you what I think is going on and help open discussions on how we might respond, theologically, ethically, and practically to changes that are coming.

Who Can Be Saved?

I realize now that the mainstream media are nothing more than megaphones for the banksters. Even at this late hour, they still tell us to keep buying stuff and they show us the latest techy gizmo and scold and censor the radicals who are trying to tell us to end this insanity of growth, to get off fossil fuels now, and to change our lives completely.