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A Full Cup


If I were the king of the world
I’ll tell you what I’d do,
I’d throw away the cars and the bars and the war,
and make sweet love to you.

That is what I think Jesus was declaring on Palm Sunday.

Take Up Your Cross And Follow


This [Mark 8:31-37] is the focus of the Gospel of Mark. How does one enact the good news of the empire of God? One picks up a cross and walks. In Jesus’ society, you handle violence by suffering. No wonder Peter objects. But for those who have ears to hear, this is the path toward life.

The Voiceprint of the Historical Jesus


Jesus says in his society there is a new way for [people] to live:

You show wisdom, by trusting people;
You handle leadership, by serving;
You handle offenders, by forgiving;
You handle money, by sharing;
You handle enemies, by loving;
And you handle violence, by suffering.