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A Free Mind, Love, and Good Tunes


Our minds are not free if they don’t take us where our doubts take us. They are not free if we allow others to set the boundaries of what we can and cannot explore. We should search for what we think is true even if doing so challenges conventional wisdom.

A Fresh Start


We need an Epiphany on a regular basis. We all need it. You need it. I need it. We all need to know that we are accepted, loved, valued, treasured, without condition. The gifts we bring are beautiful.

Making a Way Out of No Way


Part of the work of religious education, worship, personal spiritual growth and so forth is to come to a mature understanding of your inner voice. That inner voice is your grounding, your moral compass, your rock, your shield, your vine, your source, your stream, your higher power, and it grows with you as you cultivate it.