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The Best of Plotters


We live in a time of illusion. Illusion that is created by the plotters.

Ultimately, that has always been the heroic quest in every spiritual tale. It is a tale of the search for what is real and what is true. Truth is the only thing that will free humanity from its enslavement to illusion.

Illusion is cynicism. It is mockery of those who search for what is true. But the true seeker does not worry over the plotters, the mockers, and the cynics and their surrender to illusion. There is too much at stake for that.

“They plotted and God plotted and God is the best of plotters.”

Seek truth and you will seek what God is plotting.

Who Can Be Saved?

I realize now that the mainstream media are nothing more than megaphones for the banksters. Even at this late hour, they still tell us to keep buying stuff and they show us the latest techy gizmo and scold and censor the radicals who are trying to tell us to end this insanity of growth, to get off fossil fuels now, and to change our lives completely.