Sermons by Don Ludwig

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Your God Will Be My God!


Ruth answered, “Please don’t tell me to leave
you and return home! I will go where you go, I will live where you live; your people will be my people, your God will be my God.

History Has Its Eyes On Us


Friends, if we believe in possibility then change is inevitable and if we believe in change, there is going to be possibility. In the history of this country, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness – these are values that we have fought over time and time again – so we shouldn’t settle for anything less. In the midst of all that is out of my control, the one thing I know – is that I am the one thing in my life that I can control, and I am not going to give away my shot with what life can and should be.

An Unrelenting God


Genesis 32:22-32 and other voices (John D. Kaputo & Sam Keen) Introduction…My Last Wrestling Match! Many years ago, when I was substitute teaching, I was called in to teach Physical Education classes for sophmores and juniors. The P.E. teacher gave me strict instructions to have the students work on their weight lifting and not be […]

Practicing Good Theology


“Religion is not about accepting twenty impossible propositions before breakfast, but about doing things that change you. It is a moral aesthetic, and ethical alchemy. If you behave in a certain way, you will be transformed.” — Karen Armstrong