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Arbaeen is the symbol of the path toward redemption for our world. What I learned is that I don’t lead it. The West will not lead this. The rich will not lead this. Empires will not lead this. It will be led by those who the so-called powers of this world ignore, suppress and distort.

An Unrelenting God


Genesis 32:22-32 and other voices (John D. Kaputo & Sam Keen) Introduction…My Last Wrestling Match! Many years ago, when I was substitute teaching, I was called in to teach Physical Education classes for sophmores and juniors. The P.E. teacher gave me strict instructions to have the students work on their weight lifting and not be […]

Making a Way Out of No Way


Part of the work of religious education, worship, personal spiritual growth and so forth is to come to a mature understanding of your inner voice. That inner voice is your grounding, your moral compass, your rock, your shield, your vine, your source, your stream, your higher power, and it grows with you as you cultivate it.

For Whom Do You Light A Candle?


It isn’t so simple as Christ versus Culture as some of my fellow Christians frame it. Sometimes culture is a better option than Christian doctrine. One might say, that sometimes Christ is culture over against Christian doctrine.