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Knowing Peace


Matthew Fox said that we are all artists. We can never shirk our responsibility for our own creativity or the joy of that. We are all prophets, too, meaning that we all are called to speak our truth, to say what it is that we feel is true and right and good and to share that. To bear witness is the phrase I love to use. To say, “This is what I see. This is what I hear.” We say it regardless of what it is, because it may be the thing that we need to see or hear or say or hear from another that can actually lead to our salvation and to our healing.

One Body


Nothing can be more energizing than discovering that life is so much more important than the crap we are sold. To have a purpose. To have a sense of urgency. To be aware. To awaken not only to the brokenness of the world but to signs of its healing.