Sermons by John Shuck

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Being Real When Things Fall Apart


America is not going to be great again, no matter what demagogue tweets it. It is going to become humble again. That is not bad news even as there will be much suffering as the mighty billionaires cling to power before they fall.

Art Show 2017


This sermon was preached amidst the art at Southminster’s 39th Annual Art Show.   The sermon went along with a powerpoint presentation (below). This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office Online.

Leaving Home


I no longer think the promised land has a longitude or a latitude. I no longer think the promised land is a heavenly castle or a Marxist utopia.

The land, I think, is within. The promised land, the home is living in this present moment with the world as it is. The home is the road.

Do You Really Want To Know?


Beliefs create for us a world, a home. They aren’t bad. They serve a purpose. But when they no longer serve a purpose, when they no longer are life-giving they need to be let go. The task of religion is to enable us to do that.

The Only Way?


Some people have said to me and likely to many of you as well, that he is our president and we need to accept it. I do accept the fact that he is president. But my Christian calling, my following of Jesus, the way, the truth, and the life, means that for me, I am called to resist the sexism, the homophobia, the xenophobia, and the racism that was the groundswell that brought this person to the White House. I am called to speak out and resist the actions that are the outcomes of these constructs.

A Beliefless and a Beloveful Christianity


Another cool thing about my religion, if you would like to sign up, although I don’t have any forms, is that you can belong to another religion and belong to mine too. My religion is not exclusive. You can be a Methodist or a Jew or a Muslim or a Rastafarian or a Presbyterian and you can be a member of my religion, too.

Demoting Sin


The biggest liberation we can have is to realize that human beings, mostly male human beings, made all this stuff up. There was a reason. Male human beings made up this stuff to retain power. When people realize that, then wow, no longer does it have control over our lives anymore. No longer do we have to repent and feel bad and ask God for forgiveness for simply being h

Born Again?


I don’t want to hand over ‘born again’ to a single version of Christianity. I want to reclaim it. I want that metaphor to guide and challenge my life.

I want to be born again, born from above, born to a way to a Spirit of being courageous.

The Gift–Christmas Eve Service 11 pm


In that moment of the greatest darkness, when we cannot see the light, when the light is hidden, that is when light is the strongest.

As you come to this Christmas with whatever anxieties you bring, with whatever mortality you have witnessed, with whatever fears you have for our future on a national or global scale, Christmas reminds us that we have been to places like this before.

The light keeps shining.

It will shine in you.

Christmas At Southminster


This is the presentation by the children of Southminster at the 5 p.m. Christmas Eve service. Here is how to enjoy it.

1) Start the audio.
2) Go to the first slide in the powerpoint.
3) Whenever you hear a guitar string pluck, advance the slide.
4) Enjoy!