Sermons from November 2016

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Watch, Don’t Watch


Those who are outside the bubble take these texts and their religion as a whole very seriously. They do believe and are convinced that Jesus is a real supernatural figure who will return sooner than later and establish his kingdom. Many believe in a rapture and a role for the modern nation-state of Israel, the United States, and some other supposedly godless country like Russia or China, all engaged in a final battle that will begin in the Middle East.

What is shocking to the elites in the bubble is how many people really do believe that and who believe their role is to participate in making it happen. And they vote.

The Path of Ascension


Forty days after Easter is a day Protestants generally don’t do much with as it would require going to church on Thursday and who wants that. So we generally skip over the ascension. This is where Jesus ascends in to heaven to take his rightful place. According to the creed, he “sitteth at the right hand of God the Father.”

Transformed by the Radically Unloved


What I am trying to articulate here is that the beloved community is not either Clinton or Trump. In fact, if there is any silver lining to the election of this boorish misogynistic, narcissistic bully, it is that the contrast between his rhetoric and actions and those of the beloved community are easy to see. Under Clinton and Obama, the difference between their neoliberalism and the beloved community is often hidden under a more genteel façade.

Under Trump, there will be and is new energy to resist him. It is important that this energy be channeled toward concrete actions of solidarity and activism for those who are now vulnerable because of Trump’s rise. Now is a time to recommit ourselves to the welfare of the radically unloved in the United States and around the world.

God’s Human Future


If the historical Jesus were alive today, I would imagine him hitching a ride to Standing Rock Indian Reservation and camping with the water protectors. Jesus took a side. He didn’t get executed for nothing.