Sermons from July 2015

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This is the fourth in my summer series, BYOS (Bring Your Own Sermon). It includes a reading from Elaine Pagels from her book Beyond Belief and the Gospel of Thomas saying 2.

Southminster Youth: Spokane & Wapato Mission Trips


Our youth led the worship service based on the work and insights from their mission trips. Both groups worked with people in poverty. The senior highs went to the poorest area in Washington state in Spokane and the middle school youth spent their week on Campbell Farm in Wapato. In this sermon portion, Lexi Miller read the texts that provided the theme for the week. Bryn King from the senior high group spoke about his experience. Ella Carson, a middle school student reflected on her work.

The Executed God


This is the third in my summer series in which I address questions from the congregation. This week the central question is, “How do we understand the death of Jesus on the cross?” I owe many of my ideas to Mark Lewis Taylor and his book, The Executed God: The Way of the Cross in Lockdown America.