POSITION:  Director of Handbell Choir

GENERAL PURPOSE:  To establish an enthusiastic, positive environment to enhance Southminster’s music ministry.

PROFESSIONALISM:  Staff are expected to support Southminster’s goals and values; to work both independently and cooperatively with the Southminster team; to respect and support fellow staff and congregation members; to communicate clearly; to take initiative to help resolve problems; to be adaptive to change; to seek self improvement and embrace one’s own responsibilities for excellent job performance.

SPECIFIC PURPOSE:  As part of the Southminster music ministries team:

  1. Provide leadership and direction to the Handbell Choir during weekly rehearsals, monthly worship services and ad hoc performances bringing out the musicality of the songs and expertise of the ringers.
  2. Communicate a spirit of enthusiasm and passion for handbell music within the choir and Southminster community to enhance the spiritual experience of worship.



WORK PERIOD:  Early September – Early June (10 months).

EXPECTED TIME COMMITMENT:  16 hours per month

SALARY: $3000 per year.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:  Subject to review and adjustment in conjunction with the Worship Committee and the Pastor as Head of Staff, the following constitute the primary duties:

  1. Handbell Choir Direction: The Director is to direct the Handbell Choir in both practice and worship services.
    • Direct weekly Handbell Choir rehearsals.
    • Direct Handbell Choir performances at monthly worship services during the program year (September – June) and for special services/events: Christmas concert, Christmas Eve, Holy Week, and occasional memorial services or community events. Typical performances include one to two music selections.
    • Maintain email communication with the Handbell Choir, Head of Staff and Administrative Assistant about scheduling, dates, and other information, as needed.
    • Arrange for rehearsal and performance substitute ringers as needed.
  1. Administrative:
    • Oversee the maintenance of the Handbell Choir equipment.
    • Maintain and organize the handbell music library, including ensuring appropriate use of copyright. Acquire new music as budget allows.
    • Complete administrative paperwork as necessary.
    • Communicate with Administrative Assistant in a timely manner re: items for Order of Worship, room use, etc. at least a week ahead.
    • Create and update the Handbell Choir ringer and substitute roster
    • Provide a director substitute when unable to be present, and prearrange music for any periods of absence.
    • Adhere to the budget set forth by the church Session. This includes working with the Pastor and following church policies to provide accountability for all expenditures.
  1. Collaboration: The Handbell Choir Director collaborates with the Head of Staff and other members of the Southminster music team to:
    • Schedule performance and rehearsal dates for the coming program year and have the information communicated to all involved early in that year. Any schedule changes will be communicated immediately to the ringers and staff.
    • Select music appropriate to the needs of the worship service and the skill level and interest of the players.
    • Oversee the Handbell Choir budget in collaboration with the Worship Committee.
    • Meet with the Pastor/Head of Staff and other members of the music team periodically as required.
  1. Program Growth
    • Recruit and train Handbell Choir members to maintain and enhance the program.
    • Foster relationships with other handbell choir directors.
    • Seek continued professional handbell development as opportunities and budgets allow.

PERFORMANCE EVALUATION:  Work objectives and performance review will be conducted annually by the Pastor and Personnel Committee. Evaluation will consider both what the Handbell Choir Director does to accomplish the purpose of this position and the manner in which work is performed and relationships maintained.

QUALIFICATIONS:  Basic requirements are as follows:

  • Knowledge and skill in directing and teaching handbell choirs.
  • Knowledge of handbell music regarding appropriateness for liturgical seasons and level of skill of choir members.
  • Willing to encompass a variety of music styles.
  • Able to relate well with the staff and church community.
  • Possess effective communication skills, including written, verbal and electronic exchanges.
  • Possess demonstrated, creative, energetic, self-motivated and organized style with ability to follow-through with plans.

To apply for this position, you will need to submit the following through our online Application:

  • Completed Application
  • Cover Letter
  • Resume


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